Pool & Spa Chemicals

Pool & Spa Essentials

We understand the importance of keeping your pool and spa in top condition. You’ll find that we stock the industry’s most trusted swimming pool and spa chemicals at great prices. When you shop with us, you never have to worry about your pool water becoming a hazard to you, your family or your guests. 

Products We Carry:

  • Oxidisers
  • Accessories
  • Spa Balancers
  • Testing Equipment & Ancillaries
  • Water Balancing Control
  • Chlorine Shock
  • Chlorine Stabiliser

These products are designed to neutralise any possible safety hazards that can occur in your pool water. Enjoy peace of mind and a clean pool all year round with our range of specialised pool chemicals. 

Professional Service Guaranteed

If you’re uncertain about what you need to keep your pool, hot tub or spa up and running and safe for users, don’t hesitate to ask Newson Swimming Pools for assistance. A member of our team would be happy to review our available products and find you exactly what you need.